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I am the exterminator!

Stuffing my heart full of steel wool and tin foil

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Fanfiction and just plain ol' fiction
This is where I hope and pray to post and keep track of my writing endeavours. Let's see if I can post something I'm halfway happy with at least once a month, shall we?

Right now, there is stuff in the works for The 10th Kingdom and 30 Rock. Because I only watch shows that have numbers in the title. I have something Narnia-ish on the backburner that I'd alternately like to burn in a fire or wrap lovingly in samite, so we'll see how that goes.

I promise not inflict you with my original poetry. I may inflict you with original short stories, if I can summon the courage to do it. (Maybe. If I dare.)

As for what a loathly lady is, check out the Wikipedia entry. Sometimes I like to pretend I'm more clever than I actually am.

-- msmcknittington